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This website lets you compare and find the latest electric skateboards.

We do not use any referral links and are not getting paid by any manufacturer. The whole project does not want to generate any revenue and this site is just my personal side project, inspired by the Reddit ElectricSkateboarding community.

All data in our database is collected by hand and carefully reviewed. All this information should help to prevent scamming uninformed customers and provide valuable information to whoever wants to buy an electric skateboard.

In the future we want to provide you with even more information, such as:

  • ESC (Electronic Speed Control) information
  • Detailed battery information (number of cells, AMP output)
  • Introduction of a eskateboard rating system

New electric skateboards in the database:

Current Recommendations:

Backfire G2T

The new top model of Backfire is named Backfire G2T and is one of the best, most durable, and more affordable electric skateboards. It comes as a in a typical longboard size of 38 inches and is perfect for commuting to work. Produced and manufactured by Backfire it is a cheap alternative to the more expensive boosted boards!

The Boosted Board Stealth

The new 2018 Boosted Board Stealth is the perfect electric skateboard for people who are willing to spend some money! Boosted has made a name for itself as a manufacturer that produces valuable, durable, and high-class electric skateboards over the last year.

The Evolve Bamboo GTX All-Terrain

The Evolve Bamboo GTX All-Terrain is a beast of an electric all-terrain skateboard. It has huge wheels and can easily be used on bad roads, tracks, and grass. Made by Evolve - an Australian electric longboard manufacturer - it stands for high build-quality, long range, and all-terrain usability.

What this site offers:

the comparison tool

Comparison Tool

Compare different eskateboards against each other. See and evaluate the differences.

detailed information of electric skateboards

Detailed Information

Click and search for any eskateboard and find YouTube reviews, text reviews, and their details feature lists.

participate and contribute to the community


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