Boosted Mini X


The Boosted Mini X is the first shortboard by Boosted. It was released in summer 2018 and is specifically designed to be stashed and carried while not in use. It has a superior range (14 miles | 22 km) than its twin-brother the Boosted Mini S and a slightly higher top speed of 20 mph (32 kmh). However, it is more expensive with an initial price of $1099.00 - compared to the $825.00 of the Boosted Mini S. Due to its larger battery you cannot take it on an airplane but in contrast to the bigger boards by Boosted like the Boosted Plus or the Boosted Stealth it offers a high turn rate and a kicktail.

Technical Details

Name Boosted Mini X
Manufacturer Boosted
Release year 2018
Type of board Shortboard
Release price $ $1099.00
Range miles 14.00miles
Range km ~22.53km
Max. speed mph20.00mph
Max. speed kmh~32.19kmh
Board weight lbs16.80lbs
Board weight kg~7.62kg
Water resistance-
Hill climbing20%
Power (watt)1000W
Wheel size80
Wheel hardness-