Meepo AWD GT


The Meepo AWD GT started shipping 28th of August 2018 and is another electric longboard manufactured by Meepo. Meepo is well known for its budget skateboards, for example for the Meepo Board V2 The Meepo AWD GT electric skateboard offers a top speed of 28 miles per hour (35kmh) and has a range of approximately 14 miles (22km). In contrast to most hub motor electric skateboards, it offers a four-wheel brake system, which should increase riding safety. The only battery option to choose from is the SANYO (Telsa) battery pack. The Meepo AWD GT has a release price of $799.00, which is around 680.00€.

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Technical Details

Name Meepo AWD GT
Manufacturer Meepo
Release year 2018
Type of board Longboard
Release price $ $799.00
Range miles 14miles
Range km 22km
Max. speed mph28.00mph
Max. speed kmh~45.06kmh
Board weight lbs22.00lbs
Board weight kg~9.98kg
Water resistanceNo
Hill climbing35%
Power (watt)4x unkownW
Wheel size90
Wheel hardness-