Search for Different Electric Skateboards...

Which board fits you?

Finding the right electric skateboard is not easy. Use the Eboard Finder tool to search for specific criteria. The main differences between electric skateboards are obviously the price tag.

However, there are other differences that need to be explained: The skateboard deck for example comes in general in two sizes: longboards and shortboards.
While a longboard is in general around 38 inches long, a shortboard is smaller with a length of about 32 inches. An electric shortboard is very maneuverable and sometimes lighter than a longboard. However, often it does offer less range than a longboard.

Another important factor is the design of the motor. Two types exist: a belt motor uses a belt to transmit the power to the wheels while hub motors were not seen until the year 2015. Hub motors are directly integrated into the wheel of the skateboard, are in general less noisy and have less moving parts.

Last, the maximum range and maximum speed are also two important characteristics of an electric skateboard.