Boosted Stealth vs. Onewheel Plus XR

Pros and cons

This is a special comparison case: On the one hand the revolutionary Onewheel Plus XR on the other hand the well-known Boosted Board Stealth. In terms of the Boosted Board Stealth - it offers a higher top speed (24 mph vs. 19 mph) and weights less (17 lbs vs. 27 lbs) - which makes it better for carrying. However, in terms of dealing with bad roads - it is the Onewheel Plus XR that scores! Basically you can ride over every surface and even off-road! Both electric vehicles are different approaches and serve different purposes, so there is no clear winner!

NameBoosted StealthOnewheel Plus XR
Release year20182018
Type of boardLongboardShortboard
Release price $$1699.00$1799.00
Range miles14.00miles12-18miles
Range km~22.53km19-29km
Max. speed mph24.00mph19.00mph
Max. speed kmh~38.62kmh30.00kmh
Board weight lbs17.00lbs27.00lbs
Board weight kg~7.71kg12.50kg
Water resistance-Yes
Hill climbing25%-%
Power (watt)2100W750W
Wheel size8511.5x6.5-6
Wheel hardness--