Boosted Mini S vs. Boosted Mini X

Pros and cons

Boosted has released their first two shortboards: The Boosted Mini S and the Boosted Mini X. The release price for the Mini S is $825, while the Mini X is more expensive with a release price of $1,099. Boosted Mini X can be seen as the bigger twin-brother of the Boosted Mini S. It is heavier but has a bigger battery and thus an increased range of 14 miles compared to the 7 miles of the Boosted Mini S. Further, it is two miles per hour faster with a top speed of 20 mph. If you do not plan to travel with it on airplanes – we recommend spending the extra $200 and get the Boosted Mini X.

NameBoosted Mini SBoosted Mini X
Release year20182018
Type of boardShortboardShortboard
Release price $$825.00$1099.00
Range miles7.00miles14.00miles
Range km~11.27km~22.53km
Max. speed mph18.00mph20.00mph
Max. speed kmh~28.97kmh~32.19kmh
Board weight lbs15.00lbs16.80lbs
Board weight kg~6.8kg~7.62kg
Water resistance--
Hill climbing20%20%
Power (watt)1000W1000W
Wheel size8080
Wheel hardness--