Meepo Board V2 vs. WowGo 2S

Pros and cons

The advantages of the Meepo Board V2 are smart turn-on and parking brakes, however it comes with a stiff deck, which hinders the cruising abilities. This is where the WowGo S2 scores. In addition, the ESC allows smoother acceleration and breaking! Both boards cost around 400$ and are currently available for sale!

NameMeepo Board V2WowGo 2S
Release year20182018
Type of boardLongboardLongboard
Release price $$399.00$439.99
Range miles11.00miles10.00miles
Range km~17.7km16.00km
Max. speed mph25.00mph23.00mph
Max. speed kmh~40.23kmh38.00kmh
Board weight lbs16.00lbs16.70lbs
Board weight kg~7.26kg7.60kg
Water resistanceNoYes
Hill climbing30%25-30%
Power (watt)500W2x250W
Wheel size9090
Wheel hardness82A85a